Webmaster Services

webmaster servicesThe webmaster is in charge of maintaining your business Web site on the World Wide Web; assuring that your website addresses your needs and that of your customers. The webmaster is responsible for your sites security, aesthetic appeal, database integrity and design, ease of navigation and a systematic monitoring, measuring and improvement of website performance.

The Webmaster requires a wide range of skills and abilities including:

  • Project management
  • Web/graphic design
  • Database Design and Maintenance

As you can imagine it is nearly impossible to find the complete skill set in one individual. Rather than hire a fulltime webmaster or three employees with the individual skill sets; consider our contract webmaster services. Santek will evaluate your current site and recommend a business plan. As your webmaster Santek will monitor, improve, and update the performance of your existing Web site. To accomplish this we must understand your business, the industry to which it belongs, as well as your marketing policies and sales objectives.

Santek must perform a variety of technical tasks to make sure that your website works properly and can be accessed quickly by as many people as possible. These tasks include making sure the server (a computer in a network that provides services to other computers in the network) and browsers (the different programs used to access the Web site) can properly handle e-mail, transmit news, and download files. Customers using a variety of browsers or operating systems such as Windows or Macintosh should be able to access the site equally well. These duties require the webmaster to keep up with changing technical standards in areas such as HTML (hypertext markup language), HTTP (hyper-text transfer protocol), and XML (extensible markup language) that affect the workings of the Web site.

Our Web Design Process

Professional Web Development

  1. Project Development Phase
  2. Graphic Design Phase
  3. Website Development/Coding Phase
  4. Website Launch

Custom Built Websites

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