Our Goal

Santek Online's goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses create a strong online presence quickly that meets your budget. Also to provide ongoing support to help your business grow.

Santek Features
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Complete Web/Online Services
Latest Web Development Technologies
Modular Design
Cost Effective Pricing
Reduced Delivery Times
Free Phone/Email Support
Long List Of Satisfied Customers
In Business Since 1991


"The website I needed was beyond my budget. But I was able to design my site for future expansion. The core features were up and running for almost a year, making me money. The enhancements were "put-ins" because of how the original site was designed. For me that was the perfect solution."

-- Al Robins

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Our Web Design Process

Professional Web Development

  1. Project Development Phase
  2. Graphic Design Phase
  3. Website Development/Coding Phase
  4. Website Launch

Custom Built Websites

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