Website Design and Development Process

web design phase one

Project Development Phase

  1. Identify Website Purpose: Scope, features and budget for your  website. We will work with you, we offer free website consultation.
  2. Website Develop Quote: quotes for your website  incorporate both your dreams and your budget. We will often discuss adding or removing features for your website, and coach you on graphic design tips during this process. Budget constraints may be addressed by phased completion.
  3. Website Development Contract: Specifies web development details, timeline, price, terms and initial deposit.
  4. Signed contract returned; Project Scheduled, Delivery commitments for graphic design and completed website.

web design phase one

Graphic Design Phase

  1. Graphic style, colors, layout, logos, navigation are discussed and agreed upon.
  2. Static home page proposals will be developed, modified and refined to satisfaction.
  3. Static proofs for additional web pages will be developed, modified and refined to satisfaction.

web design phase one

Website Development/Coding Phase

  1. Website pages converted from static to dynamic functionality.
  2. Navigation links, drop menus rollover effects as agreed.
  3. Site Map creation.
  4. Content management system (CMS) to allow admin website maintenance and maximize SEO.
  5. Website Favicon/bookmark
  6. Response Forms

web design phase one

Website Launch

  1. Search Engine readiness; all search engines tested; meta tags titles, headings, link text page, body text implementation.
  2. Website browser compatibility testing.
  3. Missing or misdirected links, forms and files tested and fixed prior to website launch
  4. Website files and scripts copied to your domain.
  5. Live website tested.
  6. Search engine submission: live and hand submissions occur after launch.
  7. Website adjustments and minor graphical adjustments.

Our Web Design Process

Professional Web Development

  1. Project Development Phase
  2. Graphic Design Phase
  3. Website Development/Coding Phase
  4. Website Launch

Custom Built Websites

Ronie's For The Love Of BirdsRonie's For The Love Of Birds Ronie's For the Love of Birds opened November 8, 1997, with the intent of informing the public, along with avian owners, of how majestic these creatures are.