E-Commerce Solutions

e Commerce Solutions

Santek Online can help you sell your products and or services online. With careful planning we will tailor an online shopping cart to fit your specific business needs.

Key elements to successful E-Commerce website include:


Real Time Credit Card Transactions

We'll help you set up an online merchant account and payment gateway. Transactions happen in real time.

Properly Installed SSL Key for Secure Transactions

encrypted-online-transactionsSSL = Secure Socket Layer (https://www.yourdomain.com/store)
This provides your cart with Internet standard security for encrypted transactions.

Maintain Your Online Store & Inventory

  • Look up past orders
  • Immediate notification via email when orders are placed
  • Update / Add / Delete products as often as you need at no extra cost
  • Shipping cost calculations, ship labels; UPS, FedEx, USPS
  • Customer database integration
  • Invoicing
  • Auto generated order confirmations

Sale Tracking & Analysis

increase-online-salesTracking orders and reviewing the traffic to your site is key to a successful online shopping cart. This is an ongoing process that will help maximize your online sales.

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Our Web Design Process

Professional Web Development

  1. Project Development Phase
  2. Graphic Design Phase
  3. Website Development/Coding Phase
  4. Website Launch

Custom Built Websites

Custom Store FixturesCustom Store Fixtures Custom Store Fixtures continues to provide quality valued display fixtures for the store fixture industry.