Database; Design, Maintenance and Integration

sql and mysql programming servicesRelational Database Design:

database programming services

In Conjunction with client:

  1. Identify all relevant data
  2. Determine the relationships between the different data elements
  3. Establish a logical structure, hierarchical model
  4. Conceptualize dependent relationships

Graphic designer:

  1. Establish static data interface
  2. Client review and approval

Website Programmer:

  1. Map data in a logical structure
  2. Physical design of database
  3. Detailed specification of data elements, types, indexing and Parameters
  4. Establish module and database hardware and software specifications
  5. Program all relational databases using latest technology

Our Web Design Process

Professional Web Development

  1. Project Development Phase
  2. Graphic Design Phase
  3. Website Development/Coding Phase
  4. Website Launch

Custom Built Websites

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