Increasing web traffic

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Increasing Web Traffic

Let me start by saying there is no one single thing or action that will increase traffic to your website. A combination of several techniques will maximize traffic to your website.

In this post I want to share some effective tips that will bring your website more visitors, while working with very limited budget.

First things first, before we can start increasing traffic to your site, we need to know what is currently happening on your site. In order to analyzing traffic to your website you must have some sort of web activity monitor installed. My favorite is Google Analytics. It's free. You have to love that, and its extremely powerful. All you need is an account with Google. Knowing what is happening with your website is crucial.

Instructions for installing Google Analytics are provided once you log-in to your account. But if you get stuck, contact your webmaster. If you do not have a webmaster. Give Santek Online a call, we are happy to help (801) 572-3200.

Below are some inexpensive ways to increase web traffic to your site.

Write informative articles that are relevant to your website and target audience

You may have heard the term “Content Is King”, If not, now you have, and it's true. Offering free relevant content will give your site credibility and keep visitors coming back. Blogging is a great way to accomplish this. Sharing your knowledge and expertise of your specific business or market is a great way to bring more focused and quality traffic to your site.

Post your articles to “Article Directory Sites”

Article directory sites are a great way to create back-links to your site. By submitting articles allows others to post your articles on there websites and blogs. Be sure to include links back to your site in the articles you submit.

Click here to view a list of the top article directory sites by page rank.

Add a “Links” page for your site if you do not already have one

Contact related but non-competing sites and request a link exchange. This is known as “link building”. You will want to exchange links with as high ranking sites as possible. Click here for a page rank checker tool.

Keep the sites you link to relevant to your websites content. Linking to anyone and everyone will dilute the page and lower your ranking.

Get involved by posting to related blogs and forums

Join the conversation by posting comments or answering peoples questions on other blogs and forums. Most blogs and forums these days will allow you to leave comments. Take advantage of  this by leaving positive feedback or possibly sharing additional information that others will find useful. And of course do not forget to link back to your website. Comments you leave on a blog or forum stay there permanently.

Don't be shy, get out there and join the conversation.

Set up Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social network pages for your business   

Utilizing these social networks that already have millions of users can give your website a lot of exposure. These networks can provide a quick way to inform hundreds of people of specials, deals, and upcoming events.

Offer Something For Free, users love freebies

Offering a relevant service, downloads, e-books, or products for free is a great way to bring quality traffic to your site. This is also a great lead generation tool, by having visitors fill out a short form to take advantage of the offer.

 Maybe offer something for visitors to become a fan of your Facebook page, join your newsletter, or

Analyze your site's traffic daily

This is extremely important. By analyzing your sites traffic daily, you will be able to identify what is working and what areas have room for improvement. Using the analytic software installed on your site will tell you what content is drawing the most traffic. You can them use this data to maximize traffic to your site through your marketing efforts.

Be Patient, Be Consistent

These techniques take time, don't get frustrated if you do not see results over night. Following through with these actions will pay off over time.

These are some techniques that have worked for me. Please feel free to comment or add some suggestions of your own. I would love to hear from you.

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